The good, the bad and the greedy!

This debate was one of the hardest of the semester for me to choose which side I wanted to vote for (this says a lot about how both teams did such a great job).  First off, I want to start off by saying that I do have a mistrust towards corporations, and the reason for this is because I instantly think about corporations who will do anything to make money. Now the question is, does this change in education?  Along with the agree side I instantly think of big textbook corporations such as Pearson who shape what a lot of teachers teach and materials that go into teachers hands.  On top of this, one idea that I found extremely interesting that was brought forward by the agree team was the video that introduced the money involved in testing in the United States.  This video touches on the idea that Pearson makes money on standardized tests, and continues to make money every time a student has to retake the test. Instantly I start to think, what benefits Pearson more, a student to pass the test or retake the test.  Obviously for a student to retake the test so they can recharge the student another fee.  This was a real eye opener for me and something that I was not aware of.

As with everything in life, there is another side to the story.  This being that there are corporations out there that do benefit the student and increase learning in the classroom.  A couple great examples of this that we use daily at my school are mathletics and discovery education.  Although these are corporations they offer a great service, increase learning and benefit the student greatly.  In my opinion an important evaluation of a corporation in education is whether they are truly making an effort to improve a students education and making improvements to their product. So once again I am torn about what I believe because corporations do have an important place in school, but there are still corporations in education that are out only to make money.

Another important idea that came out of this debate was from Dean.  Dean explained the importance of relationships between corporations and education.  I believe this takes us right back to the idea that if a corporation is truly invested in a students learning they will be willing to make connections and relationships.  Due to these relationships and connections, corporations in it for the right reason will take feedback and be available for educators to ask questions about their product.

In summary, I still do not know where I stand in accordance to corporations and public schools.  Once again there will always be corporations who are in it strictly for money and no other reason, but there are those corporations whose product and customer service are just as important.  This was an interesting debate because I was swayed back and forth over and over again.  It was great to hear from voices outside of our class.  This is a topic that I believe will never go away and will always be a hot topic inside of schools.  Thanks for reading and see you in the next debate!


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